The Technology Facebook and Google Didnt Dare Release The New York Times

What Is AI, ML & How They Are Applied to Facial Recognition Technology Facial-recognition systems are trained using a vast number of images to create ‘faceprints’ of people by mapping the geometry of certain facial features. Faceprints are used to classify a face into categories such as gender, age or race, and to compare it to other faceprints stored in databases. According to a 2018 report by the […]

Pros & Cons of rule based V AI chatbots

Generative Artificial Intelligence AI: Guidance for Staff ChatGPT, however is designed to be an advanced conversational AI, and its responses are still impressively natural and human like. This means that ChatGPT will act better in a textual context when used for document planning, email writing, or content planning, due to it’s lack of colloquialisms. Businesses can significantly improve virtual assistant performance by continuously optimizing chatbots based on real […]

The role of AI and ML in the future of lab informatics

Explaining Artificial Intelligence Part 1 why is this important? The stakes are high–and you can be pardoned if you’re uncomfortable with ideas that are expensive and have an uncertain probability of success. Product managers are more comfortable with roadmaps that can get to market value in the next 12 months, and costs that can be kept to a minimum. An AI pilot project, even one that sounds simple, […]